In the Hospital


At the Joint Replacement Center at Douglas County Hospital, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive approach to joint care. Teamwork is the key. As the patient, you are the most important member of the team. The patient’s participation, along with the surgeon, nurses, therapists, and coach, leads to a successful outcome. Individual and group therapy provides encouragement and enthusiastic support. Studies show that patients who recover as a team reach their goals faster and with fewer complications. Teamwork is at its best when everyone comes together to achieve a common goal ... your success.

Day-by-Day Calendar

Day of Surgery
Come to the Douglas County Hospital Surgery Center (on the west side of the hospital) at your designated arrival time. Enter the Surgery Center parking lot from Broadway and 17th Avenue. Proceed to the front desk at the Surgery Center for check-in/registration. Please be on time. Your family may wait in the Surgery Center waiting room if they would like. Your surgeon will come to talk with them immediately following your surgery. Following surgery you will be taken to the recovery room and then to your private room within the Joint Replacement Center on the 2nd floor of Douglas County Hospital. The physical therapy team will evaluate your progress and help you out of bed for your first walk that afternoon if possible.


After Surgery: Postoperative Day 1
On Postoperative Day 1 after surgery, you can expect to be ready for breakfast by 8 a.m. Your surgeon or physician’s assistant (if applicable) will visit you in the morning. Group physical therapy will begin after breakfast. Intravenous pain medication should be stopped and you may begin oral medication. You can expect to be comfortably dressed in your own loose clothing. Except to exercise again for group therapy in the afternoon. Occupational therapy will evaluate your home and equipment needs. Your coach is encouraged to be present as much as possible. Visitors are welcome, preferably after 3 p.m., as rehabilitation takes priority during the day.

After Surgery: Postoperative Day 2
On Postoperative Day 2 after surgery, you may be helped out of bed and dressed prior to breakfast. At approximately 9:00 a.m. your day will start with a morning walk with your physical therapist. Group therapy will start at 9:30 a.m. Today, all patients and coaches are invited to attend our discharge class in the Lodge. Lunch will be provided for coach and patient in their room prior to the class at 11:30 a.m. The more you and your family know about what to expect, the more comfortable you will be during your transition to home. Around 1:00 p.m., there will be a second group therapy session. This day focuses on addressing your needs for your discharge home. We will work toward increasing your independence in walking, using stairs, car transfers, home exercise, as well as self-cares. Patients can anticipate being discharged this afternoon if they are meeting their therapy goals and pain is managed.

After Surgery: Postoperative Day 3
Your morning will be similar to yesterday with group therapy beginning at 9:30 a.m. We will work on learning your home exercise program one last time. Questions will be answered, discharge paperwork completed, and you can expect to head home before noon if all of your goals have been met!